Special Interests An Overview

My portfolio is splitted into different galleries. Each gallery provide a number of pictures belonging together as explained in the abstract.


I use this technique to darken the whole photo and afterwards to bring back highlights in several areas of the picture to achieve a nice contrast that leads the observer's eye to the wanted points.

Csi Miami

CSI Miami is a famous TV show. Besides the great plot I will always remember this special optical touch. All images seemed to be softened and soaked in turquois, yellow and orange. This series of pics are all sunsets shot by me on different locations with exactly the same touch of colors - so I call this gallery "CSI Miami".


Route 66 — the mother road. It is not just a place but a feeling of freedom and of past days. Only some of the images were actually taken on the Historic Route 66 in California, though all other pictures breathe this spirit.


A selection of pictures from different places in black & white with a touch of sepia to appear in a vintage look.